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SRM 309

Wow! What a hard 600 and 1000.. while mostly everybody got the 250. Which means it became a typing contest of sorts!

Unforunately, my 250 was resubmitted 3 times due to stupid mistakes along the way. Bummer. And I actually got lucky and pulled a Larry on the 1000 for ~750 points, but then made a stupid mistake (didn't minimize s and then t), and resubmitted for a respectable 570. But of course, I had another silly mistake that I realized in challenge phrase, and so down it goes.

Needed to rant - the 250 was just bruteforce, the 600 was some kind of DP I don't quite understand. The 1000 I literally guessed on, so don't expect me to explain it.. a very achievable 240 (with next_permutation) would've been good enough for top 20. It was that kind of match..
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